We are drainage specialists. We serve the Tulsa metro area with french drains and other custom drainage solutions, and that's the only thing we do. We have one crew, and that's by design, because that one crew serves hundreds of customers every year and knows exactly what to do to move water away from your home or property.


When we decided to handle drainage exclusively in 2017, we started documenting our work through live videos on Facebook, thoroughly explaining the customers' water problems and our process, and educating anyone that is willing to listen about properly installed french drains, sump pumps, retaining walls and more. If you really want to get to know us and how we handle our business, we encourage you to visit the Living Right Outdoors French Drains Facebook page where you can see exactly what we do and how we work. You'll learn a little more about us and a lot more about drainage.

We guarantee our work, and our reputation matters. We do outstanding work because we have the experience, but the passion behind that work is what drives this company. As a customer, you have choices, and we want you to have confidence in who you’re hiring. We hope you’ll choose us.





Living Right Outdoors founder and owner/operator Bobby Myers grew up in the Catoosa, Oklahoma area. He is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a Northeastern State University Broken Arrow graduate, and has 20 years of experience in construction, heavy equipment and landscaping, with a short stint of professional fishing thrown in the mix (he'll tell you all about it if you ask!). 


He founded Living Right Outdoors, LLC, in 2015, not intending to be a full time drainage company, but after serving as a subcontractor for another local drainage company, he knew there was 1) a dire need for professionalism in the field, 2) a better way to do drainage, and 3) a better way to treat and serve customers.


2017 was the turning point for Living Right Outdoors and is when the company became a full time, full service drainage company. We love what we do.




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