French drains provide a proven and aesthetic way to effectively manage runoff and work best on small lots, in low lying areas, and/or to correct water problems caused by improper grading when your home (or your entire neighborhood) was built. A french drain is all about directing runoff and managing runoff volume to solve problems like home flooding, erosion, standing water, runoff from an adjacent property, and the list goes on. 

Please keep in mind that properly installed drainage is a civil construction project and is not landscape work. Although many landscape companies list french drains among their many services, most lack the equipment and understanding required to provide an effective and long-term solution. A french drain can solve many issues, but it isn’t always the solution, and one thing Living Right Outdoors won’t do is sell you something you don’t need. Consultations are always free, so it never hurts to give us a call. We’re happy to come take a look and find a solution to your specific issue.

How Living Right Outdoors Does French Drains